Feb 2019 - NCL Pride of America - Day 10 - Oahu

The Mighty Mo
And so we have come full circle and arrive back into Honolulu. We dont fly back to California til this afternoon so we take advantage of  a very rare opportunity - an NCL ship tour that is actually good value. "The Early Bird Airport Drop off". Included in this is entry to Pearl Harbour and then a drop off at the airport for your flight. The big advantage is that your suitcases are looked after as well. All in all you couldn't do this yourself for less money but dont tell NCL that.

USS Bowfin
 One thing to remember at Pearl Harbour is you cant take anything  bigger than a small ladies handbag ( 6 x 4"). You are given a movie theatre time, then sail by the memorial (you can no longer board the memorial as its become unsafe over years of use and storms - and they are still trying to work out how to go about making it functional again). Whilst you wait for your slot you can explore the indoor museums, which are excellent & exhibits or just stroll through the park's outdoor exhibits.

After watching the film in the theatre you exit onto a boat that takes your around the USS Arizona memorial and alongside the Missouri (The mighty Mo). 

Its a moving place to visit - the exhibits and personal stories in the museums give you an insight into not only the event itself but how it affected the lives of the everyday citizens of Oahu which was at the time a very culturally diverse island.

And then its time to leave Hawaii - though thankfully not all the way back to the UK as we will be stopping in Orange County, California for a few Disney days.

Love Honolulu airport - everything's outdoors. I just love the smell of Kerosene in the morning ;). We have a great lunch here and a bottle of wine and then its time to board.

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