Inventions Lunch Buffet at the Disneyland Hotel Paris


We took full advantage of our 10% discount with our Annual Passes and had lunch at the Disneyland Hotel's Inventions Restaurant. Neither of us are usually particularly keen on buffet food but were extremely pleased with Inventions' wide selection of hot and cold foods. We were given our free aperatif, we both had Kir and soaked up the beautiful view looking through Main St Station into the park. For a set fee of E35 each we enjoyed courses too numerous to mention *blush* but we'll share just a few!

. As we assembled the plates of food ourselves we''ll try to describe using the clock face system! D below left: At 12 o'clock smoked trout, coarse pate at 6 o'clock then smoked mackerel at 7 oclock with Chantrelle mushrooms and Parma ham. What strikes us is how fresh and well presented everything looks and tastes.   Above  J: at 12 o'clock Fresh Anchovies, Parma Ham at 1, Smoked Trout at 2 and Pickled Artichoke at 11 o'clock. A nice, light appetiser.  

Followed by

 green lipped mussels with a sundried tomato and chili dressing. Beautiful sweet crevettes and a rich fresh potato salad. 

Above a melt in the mouth, spring lamb that was being freshly prepared and served from the carvery section of the restaurant; with seasonal vegetables and potatoes. 

And a spicy Paella dish to which you added your own hot accompaniments; breast of chicken, a local spicy cured pork sausage,veal in a rich jus and langoustine shown here. An eclectic mixture but I felt it ones duty to sample everything for the reader. 

I will apply the same excuse to the cheese platter (and add "when in France")  as well and enjoyed with a glass of port; thank goodness lunch at Disney is usually followed by endless walking exercise in the park.   

And finally one picture to show off the desserts. As you can see I had my spoon in my mille feuille of Pistachio mousse before I remembered to take the photo. Jackie had the Apple Crumble with a strawberry coulis and cream, note Jackies lovely attempt at a flourish with the cream in the coulis.  With a bottle of Sancerre and Pellegrino and coffees the total bill after the 10% AP reduction was E108. Good service from Ivan who made sure our plates and cutlery were replaced between courses.

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