Feb 2019 - NCL Pride of America - Days 11-14 - Anaheim CA


We arrived into LAX late last night (2hr time difference from Hawaii) and Uber'd to Anaheim for 60$. Here we are stopping at the newish Hyatt House - breakfast included, big suite rooms and a 10 minute walk into the parks.

We already had our tickets - 3 day park hoppers with one early entry which we had managed to find on Disney's site at a discounted price for a change.

I still say - it is the most beautiful of the parks - Florida may have Avatar in AK (and that is an unbeatable ride) but when it comes to the basic MK park - this is the real place to be - just ride Pirates - which is probably three times longer than the Floridian budget version & HM isn't bad with its Nawlins stylee.

Two Disney Princesses set off on another cruise

This time heading into the Jungle

Now - I have to admit - Disney and Star Wars could have Walt spinning in his grave - add Marvel to the equation and your really rubbing it in. But I suppose one must move with the times and even though I couldn't remotely tell you what Guardians of the Galaxy is - I want to know what they have done with my beloved Tower of Terror.

Well - ahem - yikes and Holy Moses. It is one of the best improvements to a classic ride we have ever come across.. Longer - Better - More Air time - and just damn well thought out. The traditional spooky twilight zone hotel theming has sadly gone, replaced by (I have to admit) I'm not quite sure what its supposed to be - but the redesign does have some great new touches. Especially adding a superb animatronic, Rocket Racoon in the second queue room.

PS. after the 4th or 5th time I got the Walkman part - DOH

Here's a top tip for the day - California Adventure and Cars - Don't waste a Fast Pass - The Single line Q (all day)  means you basically - no matter how busy it is - walk to the front of the line

AND  you often get to race against your partner. 2 hour line or 15 mins  (or walk on in the morning) which would you choose.

In fact the same applies to  a lot of the rides in Anaheim. Compared to Florida a lot of the SR lines are quite well hidden.

And for some reason you have to carry around a single rider pass - I mean what are you going to do - jump to the longer line! Matterhorn is greatly improved, no sore back this time.

Lobster Nachos - always a winner (but the chili was Woohooo) - Sushi Carne Rolls - and Pot Skins all washed down with a bottle of  Sonoma Macrostie Pinot Noir - the perfect lunch at our favourite spot in California Adventure - the Lamplight Lounge.

California Adventure really does look its best when the sun starts to set and the neon kicks in. The setting sun on those that death valley sandstone is no  fluke (The designers carefully positioned it to make sure it took full advantage)

Flos V8 is a great place to get a good old burger - a nice thin but juicy beef patty (I sound like Guy Fieri) - tasty, well seasoned  and super juicy. If it passes the Jack test for a burger it must be ok.

We did spend a lot of evenings in the parks & have to say though that CA is packed to the hilts - this seems to be mainly due to  trying to introduce its own version of Epcots Food & Wine Festival. It doesn't really seem to work here as well though.

Thank goodness for a good old burger at Flo's V8. :) or nibbles ( huge nibbles) at the Lamplight Lounge.

Loved this couple in the Lamplight Lounge - though do you know which is Chip and which is Dale

It was finally time to head on home and leave the lovely room at the Hyatt. At the very beginning of this blog I mentioned the Sky Couch - a rather inventive way Air New Zealand have come up with for their Long Haul Economy Services. It was wonderful being able to lie flat- best overnight flight we have ever had.

And then - we are home.... How was it - well if you asked us to do it again tomorrow put us on the first flight and book that helicopter..

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  1. Going on PoA in 2021 and really enjoyed your trip report! We are also Disney fans and will probably do a couple of days at DLR as well.