Feb 2019 - NCL Pride of America - Day 9 - Kauai

We start the next morning in Kauai with a relaxing breakfast on the deck. Before heading over to check out the beach next door and the gardens of the Marriot Hotel, which had been recommended to us by Jim and Rhonda.

We depart today at 2pm and there will be a bow party for Latitude members.

It is  a lovely little beach with quite a good surf. Jack's going to take lessons next time :)

The gardens of the Marriot are indeed lovely with great ponds full of Koi carp and this little fellow Kukui ,enjoying the attention.

We depart in the hot sunshine with free Prosecco / mimosas at the sharp end.

Slowly slipping away from Nawiliwili port - the plan is to cruise along the Na Pali coastline which we flew over yesterday.

Plenty of time for a top up

Dan, Jack, Rhonda and Jim - our new friends from Iowa.

Yikes lady in pink - that's gonna burn

Then its time to relax in the sun until we reach the Na Pali shores.

As we sail by the spectacular coastline the ships Hawaiian Ambassador is on the PA to tell us some history, geology, culture and legend.

The cabin has been excellent on this cruise. We had opted for an outside cabin but it was actually more like the layout of a normal balcony cabin (double bed, settee etc etc) than a traditional outside with a big picture window.

 Our lovely cabin steward left us a special last day towel sculpture!

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