Celebrity Eclipse - Transatlantic Broadway and Boardwalks - Day 14 Bermuda > Nassau

Thu Nov 11th (day 14) Sea day to Nassau

After a real E ticket rollercoaster of a night; when at times it felt like the front of the ship was in mid air before dropping back into the sea, we awake to a hot, slightly more humid, sunny and calm morning. In fact it's too hot; our balcony faces south and without a breeze by 8.30am we have have retired  back into the air conditioning of the room.

Its a nice and easy -though sadly the last - full sea day today, we should arrive at the Bahamian capital Nassau tomorrow morning. We spend the day on sun lounges on the top deck or picnicking on the lawns . There is a quite a strong breeze up on the top decks which does disguise the heat from the sun today - so I'm predicting  a lot of lobster tans before the day is over.

We take lunch outside  - The Hotel Officers take on the Maritime Officers at a game of water polo (The maritime side of the crew like the captain is mainly Greek). Maritime wins as they seem to have a plan and tactic. They then take on a group of poor guests who sadly have no plan or tactics but hey at least they had a go.

Chic night again today and we have a reservation at the Tuscan restaurant. We're served by Zaza from Turkey who informs us that this is his 10th TA and this has actually been the roughest he has experienced. I'm quite surprised as I think we both  expected it to be a lot worse than it has been. There are bags of crystal ginger sweets and travel medication unpacked and unopened somewhere in the cabin. For starters Jack has the beautiful calamari that I had last time and I have the beef carpaccio. We share one of the super thin flatbreads (the garlic and onion one is much superior as the cheese  of the other makes the bread a little soggy - I hate floppy pizza bread) and then I have the Tuna and Jack the Snapper. We both finish with the tiramisu and more limoncello and coffee.

Tonight's show is Rock City. Again really well done with great singers the superb ship's orchestra and a couple of Guns n Roses songs to open so you cant go wrong.

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