Celebrity Eclipse - Transatlantic Broadway and Boardwalks - Day 13 - Bermuda day 2

Thu Nov 10th (day 13) leaving Bermuda > Nassau

Celebrity Eclipse Bermuda
Overnight here in Bermuda on the ship, our stateroom is directly opposite the fort in Kings Wharf, Naval Dockyards. The colour of the sea is so intense its reflects on the white ceiling of the balcony turning it turquoise. It is starting to cloud over a little this morning but its still nice and warm. We open up the doors and curtains after Gemma brings the breakfast and have a very English tea and muffins in front of the fort.

Celebrity Eclipse


We venture out into the harbour - initially this was to have a closer look at the US Team Oracle's Americas Cup yacht that we caught a glimpse of yesterday as we drove out from Kings Wharf; however this morning it seems to have already set off on a training sail (or flight depending on your view of what these yachts are now capable of) . ps Good luck to the UKs Landrover BAR.

The clouds as I mentioned are moving in quickly though this morning bringing a little misty rain with them and the odd downpour that has us running back to the ship.


At 12 noon we are pushing away from the harbour watched over by our tug who sits to protect us from drifting towards the reef. It thn takes a further hour to slowly  navigate our way out of the Bermuda passage shallows (tracked by dolphins) before we are back into the open sea to start a 805nm journey south to Nassau.

Weather update from Captain Mikael is a light-mid swell with some winds and the odd shower until this evening becoming warmer and sunnier as we move south. He got the first part right though the evening swell was a bit of a suprise.

Entertainment this evening is from a Jersey Boys style group of 4 guys called Dec 63 who do a good job, again helped by the superb "Eclipse Orchestra". We then have our usual dance to the house band "The Trends" in the grand foyer. The ship is now starting to pitch again (its extremely noticeable in the Sky Lounge at the very top of the ship which is making for a rather difficult time for those taking part in the ballroom evening).

Quote of the day goes to an English lady in conversation regarding this North Atlantic cruise in November "I packed completely the wrong things as I didn't really think we would have any cooler days!!!!!" .  

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