Celebrity Eclipse - Transatlantic Broadway and Boardwalks - Day 15 arrive Nassau

Fri Nov 12th (day 15) Nassau , New Providence, Bahamas

Clocks back again or was it forward this morning (I'm starting to get as confused as the poor lady on day 2) so we are up and on the balcony at 6.30am watching the sun rise slowly over the Island of New Providence whose name I didn't even know (Excuse my ignorance but  I just thought the island was called Nassau). We slip in through the narrow harbour entrance, spin around gracefully 180 degrees and back slowly into the pier. We are followed by 3 other ships a couple more old Carnivals - Elation & Victory - and Disneys Dream which at the moment sounds more like a Tim Burton Nightmare than a peaceful Dream as it seems to be 90% screaming children ;) on board.

Gemma brings us our final breakfast this morning so we thank her and tip her a little extra for what has been a truly delightful service every morning. By 9.00am its already passing 80c so we decide to head out before it gets even hotter and have a little exploration of the more historic areas of Nassau.

Once free of what seems like a million taxi drivers touting for business we have a  look at the Cathedral and the cloister gardens, the Governor's House before then circling back to Parliament square. These areas are quite  pretty compared to the frankly grotty high street and the light is superb this early in the morning.

Governor's Mansion, Nassau, Bahamas.
It is now just a little too hot for my pale English skin, we are back on board by 11:30 and sitting round the pool slowly frying. Splendour of the Seas - which I think  wins the ugliest boat in todays selection (hey lets just drop a rock wall on the top) - has arrived and is now doing the 180 degree spin in the harbour bringing the total here today to 5 ships. Glad we got out and about nice and early.

I think we must be more city tourist people as to be honest, I'm not sure what on earth I would do on a Caribbean cruise if the Bahamas is anything to go by (Nassau in particular)  Then again I suppose I'll have answered my own question when I'm digging the lane to the Barn out from under a snow drift this winter!

We leave at 5.00pm pulling out with horns blazing to tempt the Disney Dream to respond. Of course she cant resist and gives us a send off with several of her tunes.

Great dinner tonight and a final show featuring Christina from The Trends band as Adele, just fantastic & the Jersey Boys tribute band December 63 also do a short set, great entertainment all round.

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