NCL Epic - Transatlantic Crossing Dec 2019 -Spain-Gibraltar-Tenerife-Lanzarote-Madeira- Virgin Islands - Puerto Rico

Land Ahoy - Day 13 or is it 14

It does get hard to keep track of the days but its definately guess what - another sticky hot morning. And we awake to the first glimpse of land for five days. The Epic slows to a crawl as it manoeuvres around the many outer islands before lining up with the port on the island of Tortola (British Virgin Isles).

The cruise port at Road Town, Tortola is a modern facility with the usual Caribbean shopping experience of duty free Gold, Cuban cigars and Rolex watches. There's also a handful of decent coffee shops and restaurants - but the best thing to do here is walk to the reggae bus ( or taxis are available) and book yourself onto one of the half day tours. 

The transport here is the safari bus type which carry around 20 -30 people on open air seating. The drivers act as both your guide and driver - the whole system is regulated in price by the islands taxi union and you can choose between several styles of trips. 


Honest Ernest was our guide up in to the mountain tops. Its quite hairy on the small winding roads in the open bus but worth it for the incredible views over the outlying islands.




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