Gardens Summer 2019

Roses have been the stars this year. Especially new arrivals (planted bare root last October/November) from David Austin "Dame Judi Dench". Glossy leaves, fabulous colour and a multitude of repeating peach/orange flowers.

The weather though has not been very favourable over the summer.. Hot dry days are followed by cold sharp winds and downpours from the bible. The plants dont seem to know if its summer, autumn or ring Noah.  In all honesty its been the kind of summer where one can only wish with hindsight that we had taken another cruise..

However at the same time its reinforced a couple of things here on the wet cool hills of Rossendale - the roses love it they have taken it all in there stride and been absolute stars (again). So the orders are out and we will add to the ranks for next year with a session of bare root planting this November. Herbacious planting has either struggled - drowned or shrugged its soldiers and asked "why did you plant me here" - The normally successful annuals (Cosmos etc) have basically grown into panic mode and produced a lushness of non flowering bushes (which the wasps have loved eating from the inside out) - still they kept the greenfly down on the roses so its not all bad.

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