Fred Olsen - Borealis - part 2

DAY 3(20th Oct)
Captain Romel Pineda promised last night that  by this morning his direct route will have pushed us through the weather & this morning we awake for breakfast in cabin actually see the sun. The fresh flowers are a lovely touch - the ship has  a small flower shop on board. 
Last nights theater entertainment was fantastic singer: Lorraine Brown who was accompanied by the ships own band rather than a backing tape which is always  good to hear and see. Her Motown and Dianne Warren medleys were outstanding.

During the night we passed through the Bay of Biscay towards La Coruna (On the map we are we are BS Bolette is BT). We have been quite lucky as we had no choice of cabin location when we booked but have been allocated midship portside. So we avoid the worst of any pitching and have a great sunrise streaming in this morning.

Quite a lot planned for today as tonight is formal night and we've booked 'afternoon tea' in the Observatory. There's an upcharge so it will be interesting to compare to Cunard on our next cruise.  First event of the day is a Captains cocktail party where we learn there are 688 guests so 50% capacity. We also have confirmation that up to press we are still visiting La Palma but the situation is being watched regarding the ongoing volcanic activity. First stop however is Madeira which we will reach on Friday morning.

Afternoon tea takes place in a corner of the Observatory and comprises a choice of loose leaf teas, finger sandwiches, tiny cakes and of course scones with jam and clotted cream. Its all lovely but dont have a large lunch before hand.

Live music accompanies tea  - some days its the string three piece, today its the classical pianist. It's all very civilised and takes place every sea day. The age old argument though of which comes first was settled with a resounding win for the jam.

Luckily we have a very light lunch today as it will only be a couple more hours or so before we need to dress for formal dinner. In future I would not combine the two! 

Speaking of formal night there is a near 100% commitment to Tuxedos in the dining room. Call me old fashioned but I think it looks wonderful. Alternative dining venues are available if you're not a formal fan.

I start with the Salmon parcel stuffed with white crab meat and served with a dressing of paprika oil. This is followed by a warming and creamy lobster bisque. My main course is the duck, rare whilst J has the filet Mignon.

All beautifully presented and perfectly cooked.

For desert I chose the baileys creme parfait whilst J went for the more healthy kiwi and soft fruit tartlet.

Entertainment tonight we started in the piano bar where Derek was happy to play our requests for Van Morrison. The theatre show was the first outing for the ships own singers & dancers. A fun 80s music tribute show. The female vocalists were outstanding & the male singers had fun recreating Queens "I want to break free".We then finished the night in the Ocean bar where the jazz band perform nightly,  the amount and quality of live entertainment on Borealis is quite simply amazing.


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