Borealis - part 7

Day 13 - Oct 30th

We leave Cadiz and steer north off the Atlantic coast of Portugal, with the ship a rocking and rolling. One thing can be said for the passengers on this ship, they are all seasoned sailors, so no body seems to be  affected.

This is the  first of three days relaxing at sea as we sail back to Liverpool. In the morning we listen to a lecture on the Beatles in the theatre. After a lunch in the buffet -excellent  curry for Dan  and a selection of mini plates for Jack including Duck rillette and cheeses (the cheese selection onboard has been excellent)- we then have a snooze in the cabin and read a little. Tonight is our third formal night.

We start with scallops - D opts for the Beef Wellington and Jack the Monkfish Medallions both are as usual superb.

Desserts are a beautiful Pistachio & Saffron Panna Cotta and a memorable Mille Feuille with chantilly cream. Cheese and biscuits and petit four follows.

Afterwards more excellent music in the Observatory this time with all the lead singers from the Borealis theatre group performing individual show tunes. They end with a moving performance of "Tell me it's not true" from Blood Brothers. Wow.
G&T in hand it's time for  Funky Blue to once again take over the stage and  put on yet another  superb set to close the day.

Day 14 - Oct 31

We are once again joined by Bolette as we pass La Coruna and enter the Bay of Biscay. She is crossing in front of us heading for the English  Channel and her home port of Dover.

Tonight of course is Halloween so the staff have been allowed to dress up and the ship is decorated all over with pumpkins and cobwebs. Some of the staff have really gone to town with hoovers strapped to their backs a la ghostbusters or limping through the bars as quasimodo.

Tonight we have a Variety Show - all of the thestre's entertainers come together. The entertainment has been fantastic onboard but I do have to take my hat off to those dancers, who close the show with a tribute to Michael Jacksons dance routines (of course including thriller) despite the stage rocking and rolling in typical Bay of Biscay gale force weather. 

There's even more rocking and rolling as we move higher up the ship where the Observatory is literally behaving like a roller coaster. The highlight of the night has to be Sir Ray sliding across the dance floor on his wheelchair whilst a bar waitress in full Sabrina outfit tries to jam him between 2 chairs whilst Funky Blue perform Dead or alive ( Bon Jovi)whilst trying to hold it together in hysterical laughter.

Funky Blue finish the first of there sets not long after and a now jammed into position Sir Ray shouts "I've only just got here"

We're back in the cabin sometime after midnight and the sea rocks us to sleep.

Day 15 - Nov 1st
We awake to find we have passed the Scily Isles and Lands End and are leisurely entering the Irish Sea just above the Bristol Channel.  More protected from the swells of the Atlantic we have breakfast in bed and read. I'm now starting Ann Cleeves latest book "The Herons Cry". 
After a long and lazy Breakfast in Bed reading/ soaking in the bath the sun decides to put in an appearance, so we decide for the first time to spend lunch in the Lido - something our MDR table partners had recommended. Feta & watermelon salad & fish n Chips for J with D having Fish cake starter & dirty burger & lemon tart. Well it is the last day!

We pass sunny Pembrokeshire at a leisurely pace. The menu isn't  vast as its only a small kitchen but what they do is delish.

This afternoon we finish the packing and watch the last of a series of seminars on Captain James Cook which is very interesting.

A final great meal meal in the MDR as the sun begins to set - Ricky and Frank have been our fantastic waiters. We say goodbye and tip them a little extra on the side.
The final show of the fortnight is an excellent Film/ Musicals routine from the once again excellent dancers and singers of the Borealis Theatre Group. A dance score of 10 every night for the dancers who tonight perform the lift from Dirty Dancing and do it with ballerina grace.  Tonight's performance ends with a glorious medley of songs from Les Miserable.  

Then in contrast we have a superb and energizing set from Funky Blue in the Observatory who are joined tonight by Howard on vocals/guitar and Derek on the piano. Oscar is in his element tonight getting to play songs a little rockier and running around the entire observatory to perform his guitar solos. The dance floor is full and the whole room is alive with energy, this is how talented/energetic/skillful and utterly professional the entertainment is on F. Olsen's Borealis.

Day 16 - Nov 2nd

Image (c) Live Twitter feed from @CruiseLiverpool for the morning of our arrival
Its a dark, grey morning as we awake, alongside already in Liverpool, nestled just underneath the Liver Building. It's a great feeling only having to travel an hour home. Enormous thanks to the hard working crew of the Borealis. Exceptional service & always with a smile. We have been fantastically entertained every step of the way & enjoyed  glorious food.

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