Feb 2019 - NCL Pride of America - Day 7 - Hawaii Mystery Day

Captain Chrastina is on the PA at 7am this morning and unusually inside the cabin PA as well. It seems that at 3am last night we had to do a U turn back to Hilo to disembark a medical emergency.

This has made it impossible to reach  Kona  so the Captain has come up with a plan. It will be a sea day - which to be honest is a relief on our tired feet and most passengers seem to feel the same, taking full advantage of the sun decks.

Our first point will be a slow sail past the Molokini Crater - the tip of a submerged volcano. The crater houses a lush reef with excellent visibility as deep as 150 feet.

We then continue slowly through the Humpback breeding waters off  the south side of Maui before we head for the island of Molokai in the evening .

Molokai Island is home to the tallest sea cliffs in the world. Its hard to get a sense of scale or proportion until you realise a tiny white dot moving through the air in front is not a bird but a plane.

Often its hard to get a view of the cliffs as they are covered with cloud but today we are lucky. Reaching heights of over 3,000 feet, these sea cliffs on the north side of the island were formed when  half the island fell away. They’re one of Hawaii’s most photographed landscapes, and are an incredible and breathtaking site  with hundreds of waterfalls plunging down into the ocean below.

All in all it wasn't a wasted day as to be fair Kona was a day we had little planned other than heading to the brewery on the advice of a waiter who spotted Dan drinking a Hawaiian craft beer one lunch time. We actually needed the rest so this actually worked out fine for us.

We took lunch in the Main Dining Room for sit down and be waited on service. Very good choices and quite hilarious as people dived around the half empty room every time a scream went up that a whale had just popped up!

Dinner  tonight was in East meets West just for a change.  Not bad - but not great.

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