Sep 2018 - Transatlantic Viking Route to New York - Day 6

Day 2 in Iceland is a very early start. The Jade departs at 5pm (All aboard 4pm) and most tours to the south coast dont get back till much later - IGT have picked us up earlier to make use of the time and light.  It has snowed overnight leaving a dusting of crisp snow over the hills and mountains.

First stop is Skógafoss one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland, with a drop of more than 60 meters and a width of 25 meters which you can walk right up to, you will get wet, you may get drenched!

Its always hard to get a sense of scale but the little ants on the viewing platform at the top gives you some idea.

From here we drive further south and inland heading to the Glacier Mýrdalsjökull

As we hike towards the glacier the wind is so bitingly cold & forceful, its hard to catch your breath.


Justin Bieber was filming on this very beach the week previous...

The original shepherd's huts nestled at the foot of the cliff.

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