Barn Construction - before and after.

Just been sorting through some old photos from the start of the build. These are from 2011 and focus on the front (the west side). We had just started erecting the scaffolding around the south of the barn ready to pull it down and have begun the trench work to get the electricity into the building so we didn't  have to use a noisy generator to power all the equipment.

Windows had always been something we thought a lot about. The local planning office would only allow us to keep the original opening sizes.  After constructing an example frame from oak we found a local joiner to create the rest. They were finally  painted on the outside in  F&B French Gray exterior eggshell with the inside just treated in Osmo wood oil  to show off the wood grain.

We kept the render on the front and painted it cream just to give some contrast and break up the amount of solid stone. Speaking of which we left all the stone naturally weathered but we removed all of the thick grey mortar pointing and replaced it with a lime based mix.

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