April 2017 - Notes from the Barn

Hyacinth Aiolos
One of the first warm weekends for quite a while; finally the hedgerows are springing into life, the daffodils (we choose varieties that have a later season as the winds can be bad) are opening up along with the Hyacinths and Tulips and the grass has been cut.

Answers on a postcard please :)
Talking of Daffodils I'm not sure what variety this is though as it seems to be a random refugee among a group of 'Pipe Major' . It looks great but whoever bred this must have lived in a perfect world of no rain and no wind as without staking its head is simply to heavy for its stalk to hold it.

Last year all the tulips 'Olympic flame' were potted along with masses of these lovely Muscari Armeniacums (Grape Hyacinth). Needless to say the desired effect didn't work because they flowered at completely different times. We transferred the whole lot to one of the beds and this year it looks like we may be in luck.

'Pipe Major'
'Cheerfulness' looks bright and cheerful

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