Mar 2017 - Costa Diadema - Day 3 (Sea Day)

Day 3 Sea Day.

A slight swell during the night rocked us to sleep - Breakfast came to the room as ordered (though a little early) then we walked around the promenade deck for a little exercise. Its cloudless today; slight breeze but nice and warm. The promenade deck on the Diadema is an example of how a mid level promenade deck should be - they sadly seem to be disappearing in the quest for more and more rooms and balconies. It wraps totally around the ship like they did in the 'good old days'; it's extra wide reaching beyond the width of the ships body like a pier so that the tables for cafes, sunbeds and even extra hot tubs all have adequate space . It  also has the benefit of not having a dual role for the boarding of  the lifeboats so nothing blocks the view out to sea. The lifeboats have their own boarding level one deck below.

Sitting here on the prom drinking real coffee is a delight (every bar has a proper 'Illy' coffee station - the advantage of being on a ship aimed at the Italian/Spanish/French market who would throw a fit if they were presented with some of the filtered swill other cruise lines call coffee. We have lunch in the MDR today - not too rushed and an excellent menu to choose from. And the afternoon is slowly passed in the sun sipping Campari on the decks.

Its formal night for Dinner tonight and we had  pre booked into one of the upgrade offerings  called the Samsara where we're happy to discover the price we booked it at was wrong and we will get it for half price because we have the Brindiamo drinks package. Just an extra 15E each. The dinner is superb, lovely Italian/Asian Fusion very fresh tasting. The restaurant is a good size, nice and intimate - though as is often the case on this ship the lighting could just do with being a touch more subdued.

Jack starts with the ceviche of scallops with a pomegranate reduction and I opt for the oyster bar choice served with pickled cucumber/birds eye chilies and a soy reduction.

Next we have a coconut milk infused risotto with shiitake mushrooms. The Asian Italian fusion cooking  works deliciously.

For the main course Jack had monkfish wrapped around thick crispy fried chorizo on a bed of spinach and creamed potatoes with a dusting of powdered pancetta. A gorgeous combination of flavours and textures. I had the shrimp which was grilled and served with a seafood bisque, tempura vegetables and Parmesan crisps. These were lovely big juicy prawns. 

Dessert is a twist on the classic French tarte tatin with mango. I settle for a classic gooey inside chocolate cake.

I would say most men have donned a tux or smart suit (TBF its good to see that most of the Italian/Spanish/French dress well every night - you don't see that many T Shirts or Shorts during the day  never mind at night, but then again they think its the middle of the winter.)

We didn't bother with the main theatre tonight as it was described as a circus show. Not really our thing. So another great evening in the Piano Bar and the ballroom area watching the guests dancing whilst sipping coffee and campari and trying to keep a straight face whilst eating wasabi nuts Jack is now addicted to them.

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