Jan 2017 - New Years Day Waxwings

Drove out to the Assheton Arms for our New Years day lunch .On the way we passed through Barrow; a few days previously a colleague of J's had mentioned that some Waxwings had been spotted feasting on the Rowan berries in the village. Unsure as to the precise location we decided to drive through trying to spot the red flash of any Rowan trees. As we turned the corner into the village it looked like the SAS had moved in to embark on a rather non-covert spying mission; lots of camouflaged men with long lenses standing in the open surrounding three trees at the side of the main road.

The birds are actually oblivious to all this attention, merrily stuffing themselves with the Rowan berries from the trees. There seems to be at least 50 of them, probably here in such vast numbers due to the extreme cold and lack of food in their usual Eurasian home.

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