Celebrity Eclipse - Transatlantic Broadway and Boardwalks - Day 4 - Canada is on the map!

Tues 1st Nov (day 4)

Lovely morning though we seem to be heading towards a bank of cloud. Had cereal and toast delivered to our cabin by the lovely Gemma. All very efficient but alas, no milk. Forgot to tick the box we assume, just thought it would come with the cereal. Doh. The sea is mill pond calm this morning and sunny! The captain tells us we will be at our half way point to Boston (1500 miles) at 8pm and the sea is 12000 ft deep, wow!

A stroll around the top decks, see the lawn and birdies, always a pleasure. Coffee and a read in the library before lunch in the Oceanview Cafe. We both partake in the excellent curry, with dahl & a cheeky roast spud on the side...well i did get broccoli too! Then some beautiful roast pork loin, it being Spanish theme today. Another jaunt for fresh air, we spot one older lady with blankets muffled up on her sun bed. D tracks down the pool butler and we are soon suitably snuggled up under our blankets. The captain and 3 officers pass by and greet us. Some brave soul is in the pool while another, less brave is in the hot tub. Maybe have a look at the singer in the theatre at 3pm. It's now turned rather low cloud/ misty mountains; hope they're checking for ice.

Turns out not to be a singer but a rather good virtuoso violin player from Poland - Isabella Zebrowska - who plays a lively mixture of Rock, Theatre & Classical numbers. We take a seat at the back to make a "just in case" quick exit but shes actually very good  and with the help of the Eclipse big band sounds bloody superb.

 After failing miserably (though in my heart I feel a master of rhythm - I can see you laughing) at perfecting the cha cha cha this afternoon (watching the lessons from the balcony one storey above the pros) we change for dinner. The Trends have now taken up the space in the Grand Foyer so we have a dance (this time behind a settee) so the only people to witness this are the Guests Relations staff - who seem to be enjoying a little dance themselves; they pull off a superb rendition of "Hotel California" tonight (the band - not the guest relations team...)

Dinner tonight we choose the main dining room. Our waitress from a couple of nights ago recognises Mr Daniel and Madame Jacqueline  - it takes a couple of courses for the waiter to realise. The starter is a lovely lobster ravioli followed by Hake for Jacqueline and Duck for Dan; both are excellent, for your basic main dining room fare I'm so far very impressed with Celebritys efforts.
Slightly humorous moment when the English couple next to us ask the Sommelier to recommend a wine. It takes a while for him to realise that they want him to make a recommendation to which his in all seriousness response is "perhaps a red one or a white one " Celebrity's Sommelier training is either not very deep or needs a little more work.

For aperitifs, we are back in our new favourite spot in the Ensemble bar where the Camparis are mixed perfectly. I say favourite but the truth is we haven't actually tried any others yet - I just like the darkwood, dim lighting vibe here. We decide to book in at Qsine for tomorrow & the speciality restaurants are easily reached from the Ensemble bar! The Turkish Maitre D who showed us around a couple of nights ago sets us up with a 6.30pm reservation and advises us to start thinking about booking all our specialty restaurants sooner rather than later (you can always cancel and swap) because as the cruise progresses more and more people start to think about advancing beyond the MDR. Jessica and Luke are here again singing - I'm guessing its their first cruise (at least on this ship) as Jessica tells the room she is supposed to announce an event later on in the "Quasar Room" but admits she has no idea how to pronounce it or where it is๐Ÿ˜„

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