NCL Epic - Western Med - Day 10

Day 10/11 - Sea Day and Home

To conclude this has been most excellent - a near  perfect Itinerary and one I would highly recommend (it seems to only happen once a year as the Epic repositions before slipping into its summer 7 day routine around the Med). We were blessed with fantastic weather which made the alternating sea days on this trip a breeze.

The final full day is also a sea day so lots of dancing and sunbathing on the top sundecks. A lovely lunch from the buffet washed down with wine. That evening we had a great meal in the MDR and then a stroll around all our favourite areas. If I had one small complaint about the Epic its the fact the promenade deck doesn't wrap around and that the internal public areas are a bit clumped together down one large corridor like space.

We inevitably ended up back in the Cavern for the Starlights and Beatles. The Starlights  themselves were almost finished for this season and were heading back home in a week; we had a little chat afterwards to thank them, they seemed very touched that we had turned up night after night to support them.

The Beatles as usual put on another great set - not a single show had passed where they hadn't managed to get the dance floor full.

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