NCL Epic - Western Med Cruise - Day 6

Day 6 - Sea day

The day began with us awaking in the morning expecting another simple sea day and as usual I strolled out onto the balcony (after putting the coffee machine on) expecting to see nothing but sea. I could immediately tell from the ships wake that we were turning so I popped back into  the cabin to check our progress on the TV (it becomes addictive) to be greeted by this.

I haven't mentioned before how much we had been enjoying our Captains little narrations through the cruise. He explained how Stromboli is still an active volcano and how its minor eruptions (puffs of smoke)  occur almost every 20 minutes.  Every few years it releases a lava flow down one side. A little fact (though I use the fact with caution when the source is Wikipedia) is that Stromboli was the end location in Jules Vernes  'Journey to the center of the Earth' and that Tolkien identified it as his source for Mount Doom in Lord of the Rings.

We circle the island slowly a few times gradually approaching nearer and nearer (at one point we even get a strong network and wifi signal from the tiny town of Pisciti). The ship alternates its course from  clockwise to anti - clockwise to ensure both sides get a good view. Then after lunch we are on our way yet again heading north to Naples

Dinner was a return to the Main Dining Room (MDR),  tonight and was pretty damn good. I don't keep detailed notes to be honest so what we had is beyond recollection however I don't think we had a single meal in the MDR which was not acceptable.  If I had a criticism some of the starters and deserts really lack imagination - but I have no complaints about any main course - and the atmosphere of the room can feel a little too packed in if you end up sat around the central section.

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