Jiko Restaurant - AK Lodge WDW

We had heard so many good things about Jiko it was a must try on this trip. We arrived especially early to look around and were not disappointed, it was only just dark and the animals were out in force on the hotel's Savannah: Antelopes, giraffes and zebras abounded.
Jikos room  is nice but is seriously loud. I don't know why as it does seem to have quite a lot of soft furnishings etc but tonight it had the volume of a school canteen.

Jack ordered had to start a tasty sounding cucumber, tomato and red onion salad with arugula( rocket) and cottage cheese, dressed or should I say 'drowned' by watermelon vinaigrette which was okish. The amount of dressing may look good to present but it quickly turns the salad into a wet mush. 

My appetizer was the duck and pork firecrackers which unlike the main that was about to arrive was decidedly under seasoned and uninspiring.
For main I had a beautiful looking Malay Shrimp Curry with small potatoes, artichokes, tomatoes,peas and onions.  To be honest the shrimp was far too overpowered by the heat of the curry for my palate. I do like it hot but this was fierce and not in a tasty fresh chili sort of way but more like someone had slipped with the hot curry powder - on reflection I should have sent it back.
J's main was  Seared Jumbo Scallops with mealie pap and spicy tomato onion chakalaka; this really didn't quite work - all the ingredients are fine (the scallops beautiful - the sauce interesting) but put together like this it really didnt work - especially the tomato sauce which was far too acidic for the delicate scallops.

We swapped dishes to confirm our thoughts  and enjoyed our excellent South African Sauvignon Blanc which always helps! Pud for J of course , in fact we shared a Pistaccio Creme Brulee and Cappuccini.

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